Nano-technological achievements become a part of our lives, in a noticed or even unnoticed way!  The fast-paced and dynamic life we have, the less spare time, striving for better health, clear nature and comfort, the necessity of our expenses’ optimization and many others and many more are the reason why we start opening our minds and begin using alternative tools that are far very different from the standard ones we know. This way we open our doors and let in the most recent and innovative products in our homes, our work and let them change the philosophy we have and the way we understand the surrounding world and the concept of time.


The nano-products we offer are the result of the nano-industry’s progress and now have a very wide range of appliance:

Domestic purposes – at home, you can use them in order to protect surfaces in the bathrooms and all sanitary items, for windows and glass surfaces, furniture, boards, leather and textile, electrical tools in the kitchen, all sorts of electrical devices at home and many more. The products create a healthy environment for living, make our lives easier by reducing the time we normally need in order to clean and also save us money, by reducing the amount and variety of substances for cleaning that we used to need before. It becomes as easy as a child’s play to maintain the surfaces clean.


For your car or different vehicles – using our products on cars will protect the exterior, interior and upholstery, glasses, headlights, regardless if it is leather or textile. Doesn’t matter if it is for your own car or a transportation units such as the ones used in public transport – Busses, Trains, Airplanes, etc. They reduce expenses for maintenance and cleaning as well as keeping the colors looking shiny and new by protecting the paint itself.

Building facades – Glassy, mineral or lined with wood building facades of stores, offices, etc. The products preserve their initial look and protect them for a very long period of time from the bad impact of nature’s factors. They reduce the expenses for cleaning and maintenance. A particular interest for the mineral facades is created by the “Anti-Graffiti” product. It creates a barrier layer over the facades. Bubblegum, advertisement posters glue cannot stick to it the way they used to and become extremely easy to be removed. The graffiti paint can be removed simply by using hot water and a brush, without leaving any trails or marks on the façade’s surface.


Crafts made of wood – Guaranteed 15 years protection for crafts made of wood that are under extreme conditions – sculptures, gazebos, benches, wooden facades, garden furniture, sculptures, saunas, pots, claddings, greenhouses, yachts, boats and many more. The processed surfaces are protected from sputtering, cracking or deformation as a result of water effects as well as the negative impact UV-Rays have. On these processed surfaces, it is impossible for spores, molds or seaweed to exist.


Public buildings – Medical facilities, operas, theatres, business centers, trade centers, offices, public catering restaurants, production premises, warehouses and more. They improve the general hygiene levels and reduces the expenses and time for cleaning and maintenance.