Delivery Price:

To the office of Nanostyle – Free of charge.
Delivery to an Speedy office by request – 4,00 BGN*
Delivery to your address – 6,00 BGN*

For orders above the amount of 60,00 BGN – Delivery is free of charge.

Ways of delivery:

We are exclusively working with Speedy who are going to take care of the deliveries.
– The goods can be delivered to an address you have provided us with. For this purpose, you need to make sure that there is going to be someone at the address who can take them and pay when the goods arrive ( in cases where you have chosen the payment upon delivery option ). If we can’t manage reaching you over the phone, or the person you have chosen, or in cases where the delivery comes to the address, but nobody is there to receive the goods, everything is going to be returned to the closest office of the delivery service provider and you will be able to take it from there by requesting it yourself on the spot.

– You may request the goods to be delivered to one of Speedy ’s offices. Goods that have been sent out to your address or to an office of Ekont that the received did not look for, will be kept for the period of 5 days, after which they are being returned to Nanostyle Ltd. As this happens, Nanostyle Ltd. Is no longer carries the responsibility to deliver the goods.

– If refusing to receive goods that were ordered that does not match any of the described cases in Guarantees and Claims, the client’s return request is considered unreasonable and all of the delivery expenses, including the ones for returning the goods, must be taken care of by the client.

Delivery Time:

– The delivery time needed is up to 2 working days.
– The orders are processed up to 24 hours from the moment of their confirmation ( from 09:00 am until 18:00 on working days ). Orders made after 15:00 hours are processed on the following day.
– The deliveries will be done in maximum 2 working days, counted from the day we did the confirmation over the phone and according to the delivery schedule of Speedy. Should you require a delivery during the Weekend or during a Bank Holiday, or should you wish the delivery to be done at a certain hour or under any other special circumstances that are different from the standard service, then it is mandatory for an additional arrangement to be made in advance, so we could check the execution possibility and re-adjust the price with the required extra service included.
– Deliveries to areas where Speedy do not have an office will take up to 3 days to be completed. This is again counted from the day we confirm the order with the client over the phone.
– In cases where unforeseen circumstances take place and the order cannot be delivered in the mentioned above timeframes, Nanostyle Ltd or a representative of Speedy are going to inform you over the phone or via e-mail in advance.
– If your product is currently out of stock or can’t be delivered in 2 working days, you are going to be notified about the delivery time by us, once the order has been confirmed over the phone.

*Depending on the current rate of the courier service on the day the order is placed