Why should you use nano-coverages? Good question!

And the answers would be because:

The processed surfaces:

– Gain hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti-static properties;
– They are protected by the negative impact of UV-Rays;
– On top of the surfaces, up to a significant extent the development of pathogenic microorganisms is being hindered and made practically impossible;
– Become better looking and it is easy to notice the difference;

The coverage’s duration – Is significantly high from 3-4 weeks up to 15 years, depending on the product you are using and the processed surfaces’ characteristics and the exploitation conditions;

The next cleaning and the maintenance after the appliance:

– Are done only by using water or a wet micro-fiber towel;
– Take you from 2 to 5 times less time to complete;
– From 40 to 100 times reduction of the amount of cleaning chemicals that you have been using before;
– From 2 to 9 times reduction of the expenses on domestic maintenance or the ones you use for your office or car;

The products are ecologically clean:

– They do not harm the surrounding environment or the health of animals or humans;
– In order to apply the products, you do not need protective items – masks and gloves;

For the Cleaning Companies that deal with cleaning of offices, homes or business buildings:

– You will be one step ahead of the opposition, because you will be able to offer your clients a
better quality of the service by using contemporary modern technologies.
– It will now take you up to 500% less time, in order to do the cleaning. This way you could expand
your fields of action, increasing the number of your customers;
– You will decrease the service’s cost for yourself, as now the expenses will be significantly optimized, due to the less need of cleaning chemical substances and labor;