The working temperature of the layer is from -50 to +300 degrees Celsius. The product can also be applied to joineries. Having a 200ml bottle will last enough to take care of 60-70 sq.m. of all sorts of surfaces.

The product is a composition of liquid polymers, enriched with nano-particles. It is ecologically clean and harmless to people and nature. When applying it, you don’t need to use gloves or any other protective equipment.

It forms on top of the processed surfaces – a micro-film layer that is practically invisible. It contains nano-particles that have very strongly expressed oliophobic and hydrophobic features.

The micro-fiber towels in the the kit, will help you apply the product more efficiently and you will achieve a significanly increased duration of the product’s active effect.

Usage benefits and advantages:

– Reduces the permanent adhesions of burnt out splashes from the prepared dishes all over the surfaces of stoves and ovens.

-It makes cleaning of the oily evaporation deposits accumulated throughout cooking on aspiration units ( including inox ones ), ceramic tiles and surfaces in the kitchen area;

– The processed surfaces gain anti-static features;

– Prevents the development of molds, bacteria and fungi

– The usage of chemical abrasive cleaning substances or degreasing agents is now significantly less-needed and lowers your monthly expenses, due to this.

– The only thing you need now is a wet microfiber towel and it takes a lot less of your time, to get the job done. Compared to before, it will cost you less effort and a lot less time. The difference of time spent, you can use to spend time with your family, or simply enjoy life.

Additional information


200 ml


White Milk-like


3 g/sq.m.

Application temperature

from +5С to +25С


12 hours

Coating durability

3-4 weeks

Shelf life

3 Years


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