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All these products are universal and water free. They are effective, safe, user friendly, not expensive. The products are environmentally safe and consist of liquid polymers (oligomers) and nano particles composition. After coating on surface liquid polymer becomes hard and elastic optical transparent coating is created. Nano particles cannot be separated from polymer because products have not volatile substance, there are not free nano particles because they always bonded by polymer. It is very important because bonded nano particles cannot enter the human body.

These easy to clean products create on surface optical transparent nano protective coating. Coated surfaces are acquired natural, fresh, deep and nice shine. Nano coating “works according to given properties which depend from nano particles composition in a product.
Coated surfaces are developed water and dirt properties. Under sunshine and because lotus effect they are self-cleaning. Protective coating screens the surfaces against UV dilapidating effects.

These easy to clean coatings prevent a contagion but not bactericide.

This set contains:

  1. Bathroom And WC Nano-product CleverClean, 100 g
  2. Home Interior And Furniture Nano-Product 100 g
  3. Kitchen Nano-Product CleverCLEAN.kitchen,100 g
  4. Microfiber Polish – 2 pcs. (30 x 30cm)



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