The nanoproduct Cleaver Coat Textile is particularly made for usage and protection over products made of textiles, alcantara, nubuck and velours. It is suitable for sofas, couches, gloves, clothes, shoes, tents, accessories (purses, bags, umbrellas, etc.).

The product is a nano-sized water gel of silicone compounds. The product creates an ultra-thin ( in the nano-range ) non-organic layer around every fiber, without changing the color of the tissue and the feeling you get when you touch it.

In terms of consistency, it looks like water, has no smell or taste and is 100% ecologically clean. It also not toxic.

Usage benefits and advantages:

– Makes the processed surfaces impossible to get wet;
– Does not allow moist and liquids to be absorbed in depth;
– It counters the appearance of stains and loss of color;
– Reduces the bad effect of UV-rays;
– Preserves the tissue colors;
– The leather products obtain anti-static features;
– Reduces the lasting accumulation of dust;
– Protects the tissue colors;
– Any liquids that are on the tissue can be removed only using a dry napkin;

Instruction For Use:

1. Before applying the product for the 1st time, clean the surfaces and remove all of the dust and oily stains. We recommend you do this by using warm water or steam, without any chemical cleaning drugs;

2. Shake the bottle well;

3. Equally spray the processed surface with the product;

4. Wait for the processed surface to dry out completely at a temperature level between +5 and +25 degrees Celsius, avoiding any direct sunlight;

5. In order to make sure that the layer is ready and fully polymerized, spray some water drops over the processed surface. If it is all ready, then they must remain on the tissue’s surface.

Additional information


100 ml, 300 ml, 450 ml




25-50 g/sq.m.

Application temperature

from +5С to +25С


12 hours, 12-24 hours

Coating durability

12 months

Shelf life

12 months


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