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It is a liquid polymer with a composition of nano-particles.The substance is ecologically clean and harmless to humans and nature. When applying it, you do not have to use gloves or any safety items for protection. The substance is ecologically clean and harmless for people and nature. When applying it, you do not have to use gloves or any safety items for protection. It does not contain silicone, wax or fat.

What it does is, an invisible micro-film with nano-particles that has extremely strong hydrophobic and oleophobic features. Explained in a simple way – Hydrophobic comes from Hydro – Water and Phobos – Fear, or simply said – fear of water. These are the features of molecules to be pushed away from water. Oleophobic features are literally the molecules fearing any oily matters. It will protect the surface, from becoming oily from fingerprints for an example and makes it extremely easy to be removed.

We highy recommend the use of our micro-fiber towels, in order to apply the product easily and increase the duration of the active effect!

Usage benefits and advantages:

– It visually removes the micro-scratches and the small bumps on the surfaces.

– Significantly improves the external appearance of the surfaces you apply it on.

– Decreases the dust accumulation.

– It gives the processed surfaces a lot of anti-static features.

– It stops the spreading of infections and increases the general hygiene levels at home.

– Reduces the bad effect of UV-rays.

– Preserves the color of the materials.

– It creates an incredible reduction in the necessity of using degreasing agents, chemical as well as
abrasive cleaning substances and also reduces the spending on such.

– In order to clean the processed surfaces, all you are going to need is a wet micro-fiber towel and
the time you need to spend on this procedure is significantly less.

Instruction For Use:

1. Before the first application, the surfaces must be perfectly clean. Wait for them to dry out completely or dry them up yourself.

2. Shake the bottle well. Spray 2-3 times a small part of the microfiber towel’s mossy side. Do not put too big amount of the product, because this will not lead to a better result. For an optimal effect, you need about 1 gram per square meter. Every additional amount is going to stay on the microfiber towel, which means that it will go to waste.

3. Equally apply the product over the surface you would like to cover. Wait from 3 to 5 minutes and then, use a clean area of the microfiber towel to remove the unneeded amount from the processed

4. Polish with the smooth microfiber towel.

5. During the first 2 hours after the appliance, do not get the surfaces wet and avoid mechanical impacts ( make sure they are not rubbed by a towel or scratched for an example ) over them.

6. The substance polymerizes completely 12 hours after it has been applied

Additional information


100 g


White Milk-like


3 g/sq.m.

Application temperature

from +5С to +25С


12 hours

Coating durability

3 months

Shelf life

3 Years


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