The nano-coverage CleverCOAT PRO Anti-Graffiti is a watery emulsion with added nano-components, which forms a barrier layer over the mineral construction surfaces. This layer has
very strong hydro and oleophobic features and is suitable for processing of concrete, ceramic, mineral plasters, bricks, limestone, wood, metal, plastics and more.

It is applied by using a brush or a roller under surface temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius. For
hard to reach areas sprayers can be used as well. The coverage dries out after 2 to 12 hours, depending on the temperature and humidity of the air.

Usage Benefits:

– It doesn’t allow moss and lichens to appear as well as it prevents atmospheric pollutions to occur;
– It restricts the access of capillary moisture to the inside of the material and significantly increases its resistance to the constant cyclic change of positive and negative temperature levels;
– Protects the processed surfaces from the bad effects of the UV-Rays;
– Doesn’t change the color of the processed surfaces;
– It does not interact with the material the surfaces are made of and doesn’t seal off its pores;
– Is good for usage over painted surfaces;
– The product is not toxic and is safe for people and the surrounding environment.

Additional information


3 kg




100 g/sq.m.

Application temperature

from +5С to +25С

Coating durability

5 years

Shelf life

4 years


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