CleverCOAT Wood PREMIER is the first product of the duo-component protection. It is a milky-white or toned liquid, which is likely to look like a gel. It soaks deep into the wood and with time it forms inside the wooden fibers insoluble protective nano-coverage, which stays active for a very long time.
Its composition is not hydrophobic and can easily be washed away with water. It is not used separately by itself. It serves only as a foundation for the second product to be applied over ( The CleverCOAT Wood finish ).

CleverCOAT Wood FINISH is the second product from the dual-component protection for wood. It is a milky-white emulsion of a siloxane oligomer that has implemented Silicon particles. It serves for hydrophobization of the already applied layer of CleverCOAT Wood PREMIER. The product is not meant for usage by itself. Without the initially applied lair of Wood PREMIER, the 2nd product is not fixated onto the processed surface and after a short period of time, it gets washed away under the nature’s impacting factors.

Instruction for use:


Before applying CleverCOAT Wood PREMIER, shake the product well, in order for the gel-like substance to liquefy. You apply it by using a brush or a roller over a clean and dry surface at minimal air temperature of 5 degrees Celsius.
While applying, it is preferable that you have put on gloves and a mask.
The time needed for the product to soak in and dry out completely is 2 to 4 hours.
After applying, the tools must be washed well.
The product has to be kept with its packing closed in temperature levels above 0 degrees.


Before applying CleverCOAT Wood FINISH over the surface, wich has already been processed with CleverCoat Wood PREMIER, make sure it has dried out completely.
hake the bottle intensively, until you get a homogeneous mixture.
The product is applied with the usage of a brush or a roller in dry weather and temperatures above 5 degrees Celsius.
When applying, we recommend the usage of gloves and a mask.
The time needed for complete polymerization is 4 to 5 hours.
The remaining unused amount of the product, must not be returned back in the bottle.
Throwing the product away in the sewage system or water areas (swamps, ponds, lakes, sea, etc.)
The instruments you have used to apply the product, must be washed well with soap and water.
The product must be kept in a closed packing in temperature levels above 0 degrees Celsius.

Additional information


3 kg


Brown, Colorless


100 g/sq.m.

Application temperature

from +5С to +25С

Coating durability

15 years

Shelf life

2 years


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