Every order made by a client of www.nanostyle.eu has the power of a sales and purchasing contract between both parties. The obligations according to the contract are considered fulfilled as the ordered goods are delivered and received by the client.

How long is the period in which you are able to return a purchased product?

According to article number 55, paragraph 1 from the consumer protection law, you have the right to refuse keeping the received product for 14 working days counted from the date of receiving the goods, without owing a compensation or any penalties being applied. In this case, we will refund you the full amount of money you have paid, in not later than 30 days, considered from the date on which you have requested the refund, according to article number 55, paragraph 6 from the consumer protection law.

As a client of ours, you are obliged to preserve the products received by Nanostyle Ltd. Preserve their quality and safity during the 14-day period, mentioned in Article 55, paragraph 1 from the consumer protection law. In order for the client to return the products, a mandatory condition is for the appearance to be unharmed, without the products having been used and for the packing to be whole and unharmed. The products must look the same way as the client has received them. When returning products that do not meet these requirements. the clients will not receive a refund and Nanostyle Ltd. will not accept them back. When a client is returning products according to Article 55, Paragraph 1 from the consumer protection law, the transportation costs are not a responsibility of Nanostyle Ltd. and are not refunded.

When and how you can make a claim?

In case you find a production fault, after receiving the product, you can return it at the expense of Nanostyle Ltd. We are going to send you the same or replace it with an equivalent of the purchased product. In cases of replacement, we are going to consult it with you first and if the client does not agree, we will refund the full amount in a period not longer than 20 days, counted from the date when the claim was first made. In this case, the transport expenses are covered by Nanostyle Ltd.

If upon receiving the goods, it turns out that the packing is harmed or torn apart, due to transportation damages that have occured, or if there are any missing products, the return and the compensation will be accepted only in cases, where this has been found and discussed with the delivery service. In such cases, contact us straight away or refuse taking the delivery. If the courier has already left, the insurance and the return will not be accepted by us. For these cases, you have a special protocol that has to be issues, in which you desribe the current state of the delivery and its packing. Should you accept the delivery at your own risk and you do not raise a claim in front of the courier, a compensation or a return request is considered invalid.

Important terms and conditions when returning goods:

In cases of return of refused goods, you must attach an invoice or a receipt for the payment you have made, as well as a form for refusal of the goods.

The goods must be unused, unpacked and its appearance and original packing to be preserved in the way you have received them. The address you send the goods if you decide you don’t want to keep them is:

Nanostyle Ltd.
Bulgaria, 8000 Burgas, 10 “General Skobelev” Str.

E-mail: [email protected]
Phone Number: +359889530839

In cases where the delivered goods also contain an extra gift item, you must return it along with the rest.

In cases where you have purchased more than one product of the same kind and you would like to return one or more of them, only one of these products can be opened. The rest have to have their packings sealed. If that isn’t applied, we would not accept it back.

The refunds on returned goods amounts can be executed after an employee of Nanostyle Ltd. has confirmed that the goods match the criterias mentioned above. The amount will be refunded the same way it was paid to us ( using the same payment option ).

If the payment was made using a debit card, then the amount will be refunded with a transaction on the same card it came from in up to 10 working days from the date the returned goods were received by us.

If you have paid by sending us the amount through your bank account, we will refund you by sending it back to the account it came to us from. This bank account has to be filled in inside the purchase refusal form.

In cases where they payment has been completed upon delivery, the amount will be refunded the same way – by hand upon delivery. Please, in cases where you return goods, please clarify with the courier the amount you paid for the product as it will be the amount you should be paid back. Just make sure they match.

Nanostyle Ltd. is not going to refund amounts for products that have been sent back to us later than the 14th day of the delivery date, ones that are damaged, used or such that have damages on the packing. In these cases, we are going to send back the products to you and the transport expenses for this, will not be covered by Nanostyle Ltd.