General Terms and Conditions
The sale and purchase contracts from a distance according to the Consumer Protection Law

Nanostyle Ltd. Based in Bulgaria, Burgas, “General Skobelev”10 Str. Floor 1, office 15, signed in the Trade Register with VAT Number: 205150365, considered a provider on one hand
On the other hand – The person who agreed with the current General Terms and Condition, considered a User/Customer, in regards to ordering and buying the offered goods through the website.

Terms mentioned below and their meaning:

User/Customer – an individual, who has turned 18 years of age or a legal entity, registered in Republic of Bulgaria, who have agreed to the General Terms and Conditions.

Customer Profile/Account – a separate part of the website, which contains information for the user/customer, given voluntarily and completely and only by the Customer himself.

Online store/ Website – this is a web-based platform for online commerce – for selling of goods online, which are being delivered after the customer’s request and a fully made order. In our terms and conditions, this refers to .

Username – A chosen by the user/customer unique code of letters or digits, input while registering, which identifies them in

Password – a chosen by the user/customer combination of letters/digits, which along with the username gives them the opportunity to process valid orders for purchasing of the offered goods on

Selling Price – this is the final price per item or a certain amount of products, including the VAT ( Value Added Tax ) and every other additional taxes and charges.

Unfortunate Event – This is an unforeseen circumstance at the time when the contract was signed, that makes its execution impossible.

Malicious Actions – These are actions or a lack of such, that are against the Internet Ethics or ones that are causing harm to individuals, connected to the Internet, sending of unwanted e-mails ( spam, junk mail, unrequested trade messages ), flood of channels, gaining access to resources owned by someone else by rights as well as passwords, usage of flaws in the system in order to gain personal benefits or in order to steal personal information ( hacking ). Execution of actions that can be qualified as industrial espionage or a sabotage, damaging or destruction of system or information massives ( cracking ). Sending Trojan horses or installing systems and viruses for remote control, disruption of the standard way of working of everyone else from the users on the Internet or in social medias, execution of any actions that can be qualified as a crime or an administrative violation of the Bulgarian law or any other applicable law.

The provider gives the Customer/User the opportunity when registering to inform themselves about the General Terms and Conditions and agree to them, in order to purchase what is being offered in the online store as well as in the mobile application.

1. The supplier must:
– Publish the description of the main characteristics and photos of every product that is being offered by the online store, as well as its selling price, with VAT included.
– Publish tariffs for the value of postal, courier and transport expenses, which are not included in the prices of goods, as well as information that concerns the ways of payment and delivery;
– Publish the terms and conditions and the ways the goods can be returned;
– Publish every other information they are supposed to provide to the Client/User, according to the Bulgarian law, before the goods are purchased;
– When handing in the purchased products, the Client/User all ownership rights to be transferred after the payment has been complete. The product’s handing in is going to be certified with the buyer’s signature on the transport document, given by the courier.

2. The supplier has the right to change the General Terms and Conditions at any time, while the Customer/User must periodically check the content. The General Terms and conditions are applied to each deal, executed through, which have been active at the moment of closing the
deal mentioned above between the Supplier and the Client/User.

  • The Supplier does not carry responsibility for not giving access to the store as well as not processing or not processing the purchase orders on time when events occur and are such that the Supplier cannot fully control – force majeure circumstances, random events, problems in the global network;
  • The whole information, located in the online store includint texts, photos, videos and more that are privately owned by Nanostyle Ltd. In cases of malicious actions done by the Client/User, the Supplier has the rights to appeal to the competent state authorities, in order to define the following violation.
  • When ending the contract, the Supplier hasa the right to deactivate the Client/User’s profile and to deny the access of the Client/User to the site.

3. The Client/User has the right:
– To register a profile in the online store of the Supplier and show a full, accurate and valid phone number, delivery address and e-mail address for correspondence;
– To gain an access to the form, with which they can make an order for purchasing of the offered goods, after inputting their Username and Password in the following fields on the website.

The Supplier:
– Is allowed an access to corrections of his personal data in an online mode.
– To receive the ordered goods with an appropriate packing and transport to the delivery address provided by the Client/User at the time arranged by them and the representatives of
– To refuse receiving the ordered by him goods only if the legal requirements are kept and to receive the full amount of the refunded sum that has been initially paid, considering all of the necessary steps are taken and all of the conditions are kept.
– To end the contract with the Supplier at any time as well as the right to require a deletion of their own account/profile.

4. The Client/User is obliged:

– To give an accurate and valid phone number, delivery address and an e-mail for correspondence.
– To pay for the goods they have ordered;
– To provide an accurate and valid phone number, delivery address and e-mail for correspondence;
– To pay for the ordered goods;
– To cover the delivery expenses, except in cases where the expenses are covered by the supplier;
– To not provide 3rd party individuals with his/her own account credentials ( username/password )
and to inform the provider in case where there has been unauthorized access or suspicions of such in
the user’s account;
– To not make test or invalid orders or provide the supplier with invalid information. The user carries full responsibility for the protection of their account credentials, as well as for all actions being carried by him or a 3rd party individual, in regards to the account usage;
– To not download or use any information resources or parts of them, that belong to the database, located in the website.

5. Contract Termination Cases:
– The supplier ending business;
– Website support ends;
– By sending a one-month pre-notice to the other side, in cases where the responsibilities and obligations, according to the contract or the law are not kept;
– The pre-notice is considered complete, in cases where it has been sent via e-mail, when filling the contract termination field or using the refusal of services option, located in the website.

6. Inseparable part of the General Terms are published at:
Order Conditions;
Delivery Conditions;
Payment Terms;
Garrantees and Claims;
Privacy Policy;

All arguments and disagreements between the sides are being resolved in terms of good will and negotiations. In cases where agreement cannot be reached, cases will be solved by usage of law orders and process by the relevant institutions of Republic of Bulgaria.